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Mystical Oasis Sound Healing & Yoga Studio

Instructor Jackie Assell

Jackie, a former ballerina of 16 years, initially discovered yoga in 2015 when she began taking classes at an aerial studio in Sarasota, which quickly turned into a passion that she could not get enough of.  Once the studio she attended avidly, abruptly closed its doors, she felt a strong force within her to find a new space to practice and dabble in different genres of yoga.  After a year or so of consistently attending classes, yoga became so much more than the asanas on the mat for her; it was a therapy for working through past trauma and facing the day-to-day struggles that life consists of.

In 2017, she joined a studio in Bradenton, which is where her passion for yoga was truly ignited.  After deepening her personal practice in a six-month Yoga Teacher Training course, she graduated in July 2019 and began teaching as a part-time instructor.  Since then, she has also begun working toward becoming a certified health and wellness coach due to her love for nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Jackie’s approach to yoga is about listening to what your mind and body truly needs, really learning to love yourself and surrendering, then, releasing what no longer serves you.  Her classes consist of Vinyasa Flow, with a touch of Yin to warm you up and wind you down.  She also has a deep love for the Universe and all of the energy that it holds, so many times she will incorporate Astrology and the effects of the Moon phases.  Ultimately, you can expect to feel energized, yet relaxed and free from the stress that consumes our daily lives, after attending one of her classes.

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