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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki (ray-key); is a form of energy healing.  Energy healing influences the body and aids in stress reduction and relaxation. Relaxation influences every cell of the body. Once the body relaxes endorphins are released, muscles relax, circulation increases, oxygen elevates, nutrients get absorbed, enzymes build, hormones regulate, toxins are released, and healthy cell growth takes place; which in turn promotes healing.

A feeling of serenity, peace, calmness, and relaxation take place. Increased energy occurs, energy blockages are cleared and your body’s energy is in harmony and balanced. Energy healing increases a sense of well-being.  It may reduce illness, depression, anxiety or pain, as well as increase awareness and creativity.

Sometimes though, there is no noticeable feeling at all, and the sensations can vary between treatments; and for some people who are very sick, the sensations are even stronger.  You may feel warm or cool tingling sensations in your body, or simply feel at peace like having a wonderful night’s sleep, you may even fall asleep because you become so relaxed. The majority of people report experiencing a sense of deep relaxation during and after their session; which is in itself a benefit.  All of these responses are positive and normal.  Working with energy is similar to 
meditation.  Energy healing works to correct energetic imbalances within the body as well as recharge energetically depleted areas.  Energy healing assists in bringing the body back into harmony; which aids in the body's process to mend and may also help alleviate pain in the body, mind, or emotions within the client.

To understand more of what an energy healing session may do for you, listed below are some of the possible benefits as to how the treatments may affect your life