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Ultimate Relaxation Session

1 Hour Sound Bath, 1 Hour Crystal Light Bed, 20 min Energy w/ Essential Oils

  • 2 hr 20 min
  • 285 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Experience our Ultimate Relaxation session, where we harness the incredible potential of sound, energy, and crystals to provide you with a deeply healing experience that nourishes your entire being. Our session commences with the soothing application of essential oils, which serve to promote healing, release tension, and bring a sense of calm to both your body and mind. Following this, you will embark on a one-hour journey of sound immersion and therapeutic sound bowl massage. During this time, Himalayan bowls are thoughtfully positioned on and around your body, their vibrations working to alleviate emotional burdens, relax muscles, and soothe the nervous system. This transformative sound healing leaves you feeling lighter energetically, with your aura refreshed and revitalized. It's important to note that you will remain fully clothed throughout this session, as it does not involve hands-on massage. After the profound relaxation induced by the sound healing, we transition into the energy work phase. Your body is now in a state of receptivity, primed to receive the benefits of energy healing. You have the option to choose between two approaches: Reiki Energy or Holy Spirit Healing with Jesus, allowing you to connect with the divine energy that resonates most with you. To conclude this holistic experience, you will be enveloped in an hour-long session of restorative energies and the soothing hues of the crystal light bed. This gentle, non-intrusive therapy combines the powerful effects of color, light, and crystal therapies. As colored light filters through each crystal, your chakras are harmonized, purified, and aligned, bolstering your body's innate healing mechanisms for optimal function.

Cancellation Policy

no refunds

Contact Details

  • Mystical Oasis Sound Healing & Yoga Studio, Somerset Avenue, Sarasota, FL, USA

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