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Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing that is used to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of a person's problem or illness.  A shamanic practitioner uses a drum or a rattle to shift into altered states of consciousness so they may access different realities in the spirit world in order to bring back healing, information and power.  Shamanic healing is an effective form of healing to address any physical, emotional or mental health issues.  It is excellent for restoring self-confidence, self-worth, self-love, and a person's individual sense of power in the world.  Shamanic healing is also effective for removing unwanted energies, retrieving a spiritual ally (power animal), ancestral healing, helping a loved one who has passed to cross over to the Light, and for retrieving lost parts of the soul due to trauma.  It is a powerful form of healing that may be used in combination with any other healing modality.


Everyone experiences what shamans would call 'soul loss.'  Soul loss happens in a person's life typically as a result of some traumatic incident (an accident, any type of abuse or assault, the loss of a loved one, illness, being in a natural disaster, surgery, addiction, experiences of embarrassment or ridicule, etc.).  Any event that causes a person shock can cause soul loss.  During these traumatic incidents a piece of our soul may leave in order to protect us from the immense pain that we would experience if we were fully present in our bodies at that time. In the moment of trauma soul loss isn't seen as something bad that happens to us, it is actually seen as something that is good because it is protective.  It is how we survive pain.  It can be similar to the protective effects of what psychologists would call dissociation during a traumatic event.


Soul loss in the moment of trauma is not a bad thing, however, if soul parts do not return on their own after the traumatic moment has passed this is when they can begin to cause problems (or symptoms) for people.  Symptoms of soul loss can include some of the following:  not feeling fully alive or fully in your body, feelings of emptiness, chronic depression or anxiety, fear, PTSD, immune system problems or chronic illness, chronic misfortune, addictions, grief that does not resolve, lacking memory of some parts of your life, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and self-love, low self-confidence; etc.  In a soul retrieval session, it is the role of the shamanic practitioner to retrieve the soul essence and return it to the person.  The practitioner will also teach the client how to integrate these new essences into their lives in a loving, powerful and meaningful way.  The effects of a soul retrieval session are incredibly profound and life changing.  In some cases they can even result in instantaneous and miraculous healing.  In all cases, a shamanic soul retrieval session can result in a greatly improved quality of life, with an increased sense of authenticity, power and presence in the world.  This work can also be done for companion animals as well with the same wonderful, empowering and healing results.   

In the practice and tradition of shamanism, it is believed that every person has many Helping Spirits to assist and protect them on their journey on the Earth.  These Helping Spirits are most often referred to as Power Animals (they are also known as spirit animals or totem animals).  Power Animals are much like Guardian Angels, they are Divine Beings who serve to guide us, protect us, and help us as we try to navigate the many challenges and trials that we are presented with on our path.  They are also a great source of power for us in our lives.  When we are unaware of our Power Animals and Helping Spirits, or when we have become disconnected from them, we can feel a loss of personal power in our lives.  This loss of personal power can cause feelings of hopelessness or powerlessness, depression or anxiety, chronic illness, chronic pain, lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, chronic misfortune, etc.  In a Power Animal retrieval session, the shamanic practitioner identifies and reconnects the person with their Power Animal(s), and also teaches them how to begin working with this Helping Spirit to improve the conditions of their life.  Power Animal retrievals can also be done for a business that is failing or experiencing many problems, as well as for a piece of land, a home, or a family that is experiencing any kind of dysfunction.  The effects of a Power Animal retrieval session are profound and life changing, and can help us to overcome the greatest of obstacles in our lives.  This work can also be done for companion animals as well with the same wonderful, empowering and healing results.  

Shamanic extraction is the removal of displaced energy in the body, which is also sometimes called an intrusion.  An intrusion is energy that does not belong in the body and may cause illness, weakness and disharmony.  People acquire intrusions in a number of different ways, but most commonly through energies that others have sent them, or energies that they have sent themselves.  Intrusions are often the result of very strong thought forms, emotions or traumatic memories that have gotten stuck somewhere in a person's body.  Aside from symptoms of illness and weakness, intrusions may also cause a person to experience chronic physical pain, fatigue, a localized ailment, depression, anxiety, repetitive thoughts and emotions, etc.  For example, a person who experiences chronic anger or sadness may have an intrusion sitting on their heart center.  In a shamanic extraction session, the practitioner identifies, locates and removes the intrusions that are present in a person's body so that this energy is no longer harmful to them.  The practitioner then fills the body with Divine Light and Love and provides general guidance to assist the person on their healing journey.  This work can also be done for companion animals as well.

Shamanic ancestral healing involves healing the patterns, pathologies and karmas that are present in the lineages of our families and ancestors.  Ancestral karma is the karma of your ancestral bloodline – it quite literally runs through your blood and is imprinted in your DNA.  It is what we refer to in conventional medicine as genetically inherited conditions.  These are the energetic patterns that get passed down for generations and generations.  They carry the energetic effect of the thoughts, emotions, actions and inactions of all of our ancestors.  They are the illnesses, limiting beliefs and patterns that are common in our ancestral lineages and present among many of our family members.  This can include some of the following: anxiety, depression, addiction, alcoholism, violence, abuse, secrecy, guilt, shame, abusive relationships, illness, cancer, racism, autoimmune diseases, infertility, allergies, asthma, misfortune, stubbornness, a bad temper, poverty consciousness, workaholic tendencies, patterns of sacrificing yourself for others, etc.  In a shamanic ancestral healing session the practitioner does a journey back through your ancestral lineage to identify the origin of the ancestral karma, and works to heal the root cause of the karma to remove the living imprint of the energy from the lineage.  A shamanic ancestral healing session benefits all past, present and future members of your family lineage.  By identifying and healing the root cause of limiting patterns, pathologies, illnesses and karmas in a family lineage, it lessens and removes their effects on current living family members as well as on all future generations to come.


Types of shamanic healing: 
· Power Loss—Retrieving a spirit ally (like a power animal or guide) for protection and support.
· Soul Loss--Returning healed disassociated aspects of ourselves that left because of a trauma.
· Energy extraction--Removing/clearing stuck or painful energies that may be thought-forms or past-life injuries.
· Spirit Releasing (Depossession)--sending to the Light lost souls who may have become attached to you.
· Ancestral Healing--Clearing unhealthy patterns that run in your ancestral line and are affecting you.
· Past-Life healing--Clearing patterns that come from a past life event that are affecting your current life.
· Illuminations--Releasing from your energy field energy trauma and stuck, thought-form imprints.


Structure of a session:
My sessions generally run 2 hours, sometimes longer for really severe cases.  
First part: 30 mins: I interview you and gather history about what has happened to you and what is going on in your
life. I will listen to your stories, ask you questions and do some brief diagnostic journeys to determine what type of
healing is going to be needed.
Second part: 1-2 hours: We enter into ceremonial time and I begin doing the actual healing work. Some of this is
done talking, some is done in silence. My work commonly involves several different types of healings in one session
which may include: Soul retrieval, extraction, Ancestral work, spirit release, power animal retrieval, etc. Each person
needs something different. 
Third part: 20 min: Sharing & Integration; Here I will share with you a healing story of what I did in my healing work.
After the healing I will discuss with you any “homework” or lifestyle change that may be necessary to support your
healing process, including self-care and integration of the process.

*Depending on the nature of the work involved, significant healing can be accomplished in 1 to 3 sessions.  The success is affected by the intensity of your desire for healing, and your willingness to actively create healing patterns in your life.


Preparation before and after a healing:
Schedule your appointment so you have time afterwards for yourself. Having a clear intention and desire for healing
(as well as being willing to let go of old patterns that are unhealthy) strengthens the effects of the healing.
· Identify for yourself the following:
· What is not working in my life?
· What feels out of balance?
· What is missing, or what qualities have I lost which I long to reclaim?
· Are there unhealthy patterns in my life which keep repeating?
· Are there people in my life to which I have an unhealthy connection?
· Are there places in my body where I am regularly feeling pain?
· Does my life feel out of control?
· Are there themes in my ancestry which are getting repeated in my life?
· Why am I feeling called to seek spiritual healing now?
Ask for a dream the night before, or pray for relief from your suffering as a way of setting your intention. It is helpful
to avoid alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours before and after your healing. After your session it may take 1-3
days to fully integrate the healing you have received. Be sure to take time afterwards to nurture yourself. The effects
of the healing can be gradual or dramatic, each individual experiences this differently.

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