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About ~ Kelly Kelita



Reiki Master

Shamanic Practitioner

Intuitive Energy Aura Reader

Certified Sound Practitioner

Certified in Yoga Nidra Meditation 

Certified 200hr Yoga Instructor

Owner Of Mystical Oasis Boutique

About Kelly Kelita

Kelly Kelita is a natural born intuitive empath of Puerto Rican, Portuguese, Spanish, and Native American descent.  As a young girl, Kelita had an intuitive sense of how people were feeling and acutely aware of the emotions of people around her.  She was introduced to Quantum Touch Energy Therapy by one of her catholic high school teachers.  A lover of science and spirituality, Kelita wanted to learn more about the mind, body, soul connection.  


Kelita became certified as a Reiki Master teacher in the traditional Usui lineage in 2009.  She was also drawn to energies in nature and began a deep exploration of more earth based energy work, leading her to Shamanism.   Kelita had already been practicing shamanic techniques that were passed down by her maternal grandmother.  She did not know these energetic cleansing techniques came from Shamanic tradition until she started to study Shamanism.  Kelita studied with a Shamanic legacy carrier in the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition as shared by the Q’ero nation in the Andes.  

Kelita continued this amazing journey of learning and opening to the knowledge and wisdom of angels, color, light, sound, and aromatherapy.  She became extremely passionate about the therapeutic effects of vibrational sound therapy with crystal singing bowls, binaural beats, tuning forks, and drumming.  The effect was so profound not only for her clients, but also in her own life.

Kelita is the owner of Mystical Oasis empowered wellbeing and Mystical Oasis Spiritual Boutique.  She personalizes each healing session first by reading your energy in order to customize your session.  Kelita blends Shamanic reiki, sound healing, crystals, color light therapy, and aromatherapy in one session. 

"I am very passionate about wanting to help others on their spiritual journeys of self-discovery and growth.  My goal in starting Mystical Oasis is to provide you with a place to explore, learn, heal, and help empower you on your path.  

I too am no stranger to pain, fear, depression, and anxiety.  I spent most of my life early on struggling with them on my own journey.  Discovering the world of energies changed my life and with that came transformation.  The unraveling of me and old patterns led me to love myself, surrender, trust, and become my true authentic self.  The opportunity of life is to create an experience of love. When love is present, you are happy, alive, free and full of positivity.  You feel good about yourself and you feel good about life.  You radiate this positive energy into the universe and miracles start to happen around you.  We have the power to change our lives if we so choose!"


You can find Kelita's meditation and affirmation videos on her YouTube Channel and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.