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About Me

Kelly Kelita

Kelly Kelita is a natural born intuitive empath of Puerto Rican,  Spanish, and Native American descent.  As a young girl, Kelly had an intuitive sense of how people were feeling and acutely aware of the emotions of people around her.  She was introduced to Quantum Touch Energy Therapy by one of her catholic high school teachers.  A lover of science and spirituality, Kelly wanted to learn more about the mind, body, soul connection.  


Kelly became certified as a Reiki Master teacher in the traditional Usui lineage in 2009.  Over the years she developed her own unique style of healing called Holy Spirit Energy Healing.  Kelly works with the Holy Spirit for directional healing by God.  She was also drawn to energies in nature and began a deep exploration of more earth based energy work, leading her to Shamanism.   Kelly had already been practicing shamanic techniques that were passed down by her maternal grandmother.  She did not know these energetic cleansing techniques came from Shamanic tradition until she started to study Shamanism.  Kelly studied with a Shamanic legacy carrier in the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition as shared by the Q’ero nation in the Andes.  Kelly's passion lies in sound healing and miracles she experienced from the high frequency vibrations.  She studied to become certified and finds that playing intuitively has more of a connection to what her clients need.  

Kelly continued this amazing journey of learning and opening to the knowledge and wisdom of God, angels, color, light, sound, and aromatherapy.  She became extremely passionate about the therapeutic effects of vibrational sound therapy with crystal singing bowls, binaural beats, tuning forks, and drumming.  The effect was so profound not only for her clients, but also in her own life.

My Personal Healing Journey


In 2001, at the age of 21 my car was hit by a commercial truck that had gone through a red light.   The accident left me with sever neck and back trauma, but also made me realize how blessed I was to be alive.   Although I knew how my accident could have been a lot worse, I still dealt with so many emotions and reflections of my life.  I felt so many different emotions on top of the new pains in my body that I was consistently experiencing.  Anxiety tried to take over and consume my mind, it seemed like anything I had ever feared was suddenly surfacing and felt unable to control it.  I went through a cycle of sadness, fear, anxiety, anger, depression and pain in my physical body.  I almost felt like I was suddenly somehow forced to deal with so much emotion that was held deep in a place inside me that I had locked away.  I went to physical therapy four times a week thinking once I heal my back everything will go back to normal, but that didn’t happen.  I prayed harder than ever because I had faith in God, but now I see that I didn’t trust him at that time fully as I thought I did.  I had been an intuitive child and already knew how to do energy healing since I was 15, but I put it to the side for some reason.  The more I prayed to God for help, the more I would start to connect with people who would help me in some way on my spiritual path.  I started to feel that this accident happened for a reason and almost meant to happen, to awaken me from the sleep I had been in.  Two weeks before the accident I had vivid recurring dreams of the accident.  The accident in my dream was identical to the accident in my waking life.  It was no longer about recovering from the pain in my neck or back, but recovering my soul and realizing who I am.  It’s as if a deep profound memory woke up in me an I remembered who I was.  My personal healing journey began at that very moment when I finally awakened.  I made the decision to co-create my life with God in a way that was rooted in love, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness and in the heartfelt belief that I could turn my life around.   I created consistent spiritual practices that helped me to stay grounded in the forces of love and gratitude, and I developed a sacred relationship with myself.  I began to heal from the inside out, and I learned that the single most important relationship that we will ever have in this world is the one that we have with ourselves, and also the relationship that we have with God.  I learned Reiki, shamanic healing, and many other forms of energy healing that not only deepened my relationship with Spirit, they helped me to awaken to the great light of life.  I understand now that that light was always there with me, it was within me the whole time, but I had only turned a blind eye to it and had forgotten how to see it.  My mental, emotional and spiritual transformations was followed by the healing of my physical body.  My healing journey was not easy, but it has been the greatest teacher on my path and it has served as the training ground for my life purpose.  I would not change any of the things that I have gone through because each of those experiences made me the person that I am today. The journey of healing my own body, mind, emotions and spirit has made me a great helper, healer and teacher for others.  I can relate personally to the suffering of others, and have great empathy for the many difficult and challenging places that our path can sometimes take us.


Healing is a complicated journey that involves many different factors.  There is no one healing method or practice that works the same for each person; healing is not a one size fits all model.  The most important thing that my own healing journey taught me is that we are all capable of incredible healing and miracles when we embrace the lessons of our experiences, and when we truly accept and believe in our own greatness.  Miracles are not only possible, they are our God-given birthright.  Our greatest transformation begins the moment that we remember that the light and love of God is not something that is separate from us; it is the essence that lives in the Heart of each and every living thing on this sacred Earth.

"I am very passionate about wanting to help others on their spiritual journeys of self-discovery and growth.  My goal in starting Mystical Oasis is to provide you with a place to explore, learn, heal, and help empower you on your path.  I too am no stranger to pain, fear, depression, and anxiety.  I spent most of my life early on struggling with them on my own journey.  Discovering the world of energies changed my life and with that came transformation.  The unraveling of me and old patterns led me to love myself, surrender, trust, and become my true authentic self.  The opportunity of life is to create an experience of love. When love is present, you are happy, alive, free and full of positivity.  You feel good about yourself and you feel good about life.  You radiate this positive energy into the universe and miracles start to happen around you.  We have the power to change our lives if we so choose!"