Cosmic Sound Bath 

Kelly Kelita's Cosmic Sound Bath was created from a very personal experience she had during a Shamanic journey when she lived in New York.  Kelly's Shamanic mentor facilitated a shamanic journey where Kelly Kelita came upon a vision.  She saw herself travel through layers of time and space.  She came to this level of dark blue ambiance and twinkling all around her.  At first she felt confused as to where and what this place was.  Still hearing the beat of her mentors drum, Kelly found herself remembering what this place was to her.  This place was the universe - a cosmic place where she was able to go into deep reflection and seemed to be the place where her soul was before she decided to join the Earthly plane.  She goes to this place every time she meditates, prays or journey's. This sacred place is her sanctuary, it has always been kept sacred to her and now she has brought this place to life by creating her Cosmic Sound Bath experience.  This cosmic place isn't just an event or theme, it has a lot of meaning and a reminder of her journey and past.  The creativity in creating this sacred cosmic space came from remembering the journey her higher self went on that day, that would personally change her life.  She hopes to share the peace she gained in her heart while being there and bringing that peace to the hearts of others who come for the experience.  She always kept this place a secret between her and the universe and now shares the vision with the world.  This is what makes Kelly Kelita's Cosmic Sound Bath experience unique and special!