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Luminous Energetic Space Clearing

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Space clearing is the ancient art of clearing, balancing, and revitalizing energies for atmospheric realignment of physical spaces such as residences and commercial businesses. The process releases and transmutes stagnant energies, allowing us to replace them with supportive, positive energies, often a liberating and deeply transformative experience for all inhabitants. Energetic harmony in the contained physical space ensures healthy circulation of energy in order to increase vitality and health, improve attitude, stimulate creativity and productivity, improve relationships and gain clarity and insight to reach your highest aspirations. 


There are many reasons a home or business could benefit from an energetic clearing and cleansing to address energetic distortions. Here are some examples:

– Buying or renting a new home or business
– Selling a home
– Arguments, intense emotion, trauma, divorce, illness, death, etc.
– Feeling like there is “something” in the house or disturbed sleep
– Feeling like you’d rather not enter your home or office
– Children who see things or are afraid of parts of the home

– Build-up of electromagnetic pollution from wireless devices
– Visitors who left a “bad vibe”
– Unexplained mood shifts, fatigue, or physical pains in specific rooms
– Animals who act out of sorts
– Old structures or land with an interesting history
– Desire to bring new vitality to a space

A business clearing creates a peaceful, friendly and cohesive workplace where people feel appreciated, empowered, motivated and creative, bringing more joy and harmony to the workplace. When cooperation, team work and collaboration are supported, stress is reduced and the mission of the business is fully enhanced.  

If you are selling a home, a space clearing before staging and rejuvenation afterward will create a warm, welcoming feeling for prospective buyers. If you plan to purchase a home that has been lived in by others before you, you may be affected by their “inherited” predecessor energy. Often homes that are on the market have been through tremendous turmoil, and this negative energy can linger in the home and can be cleared away before you move in.  Emotional imprints in a building are most commonly felt in its energy, and through changes in our feelings as we pass between rooms.  Negatively charged items in the home may also generate discomfort in a room, or in some cases throughout a house, as a direct result of strongly 'held' low vibration energies. 

Customers bring with them all sorts of energies, intentions and thoughts when entering places of business. Employee disputes may leave toxic emotional imprints that leave behind 'energetic' residue that could negatively impact your business and customers. Regular clearings of energy are ideal for any businesses with an influx of customers, making for a much more productive, harmonious environment.

Specific Types of Space Clearings for Homes and Businesses

  • Property Clearing - Land that is out of harmony

  • Moving Out -Moving away from a residence or business with gratitude, detach from previous emotions.

  • Moving In—Harmonize the new location and clearing any lingering past influences.

  • Real Estate Sales—Harmonize the house, lands, commercial properties or other facilities at the time of listing and prior to the open house

  • Before a business opens to the public

  • When there is a location change 

  • During financial difficulties; Low cash flow; Bankruptcy 

  • If employee absenteeism increases 

  • Before, during and after Litigation

  • When Management experiences an internal crisis 

  • Employee-Management disputes

  • Business building is located on a sacred site

  • If the office is haunted

  • On a regular basis to avoid negative influences

It is best to do a full space clearings at least once a year. You may wish to schedule one as soon as possible if you have a major life change such as starting or ending a relationship or going through a challenging time. If you have a busy life, an active in-home social life, or regularly rotating houseguests, such as AirBnB, then quarterly maintenance space clearing may be advisable.

Luminous Space Clearings by Kelita are done with the highest quality of sound instruments and intuitive experience.  She uses crystals and energy modalities to shift energies of your space.  There are four steps to Kelita's space clearing process.....

Four Steps For Luminous Space Clearing:

1- Preparation: Consultation begins with a detailed chat on your condition(s) and desired results. Pictures of your home/office/land or if required, a visit to your premise to perceive a sense of the energies as a whole to establish a clearer connection to your space.

2- Identification: Scanning of the home to identify energy conditions, localize the chakras & elemental spots in your space + much more.

3- Clearing:  At this point Kelita will live audit your home/office and begin luminous space clearing, healing and consecrating your space with sound instruments, Reiki, aromatherapy, and crystals to create circuits for clearing out old toxic imprints, cancel out negative influential energies, harmonizing the chakras & elements, and create proper flow into the space.

4- Final Harmonizing: Once everything has been cleared and harmony is established Kelita will then infuse and draw in fresh new vibrant energies into your space.

Follow Up – One week post clearing, Kelita return to your space to follow up and check on the space’s harmonics.


Clients should spend some time de-cluttering the space before a Luminous Space Clearing. Cleanliness and orderliness helps support energy flow.  Clearing clutter is an important aspect that allows Kelita to create very high levels of energy!

The cost of a Luminous Space Clearings ranges from $100 - $500 and is dependent on square footage (or acreage for land), commute, and intentions. Please call or email for an estimate.  Energy clearing for a home or business can take 3 – 4 or more hours depending on the complexity of the situation and the size of the space.  As long as I can access the home or business, you are not required to be present, although it is preferred.  



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