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Enchanted Forest Shamanic Sound Bath Creation

My Enchanted Forest Sound Bath is extremely special to me! I have been wanting to create this place for years as the visions were always circulating in my mind and in my heart. My Grandparents were born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York City. In the early 70’s they bought their home in the Bronx (East 233rd and Van Cortland Park) and it was home until God called them to Heaven.

Their home in the Bronx had a big backyard filled with peach trees, grape vines, rocks, flowers and vegetables. My Grandmother had a green thumb and turned their little Bronx backyard into an oasis.

My Grandfather was my first best friend! He was always so kind, caring, and loving. My favorite memory was being in the garden with my dog Brownie and my Grandpa picking peaches off the trees. My Grandfather would turn on the sprinklers where I would run around with my dog on those warm summer NY days. We would eat peaches under the grape vines sitting on this big white rock. The breeze was warm and refreshing against your skin, the sunlight would sparkle through the trees and the birds were chirping (mostly pigeons lol). We would smile as we ate the peaches and life felt so perfect! We would stay outside till the sun was about to set and sometimes we would eat dinner out there. It was a simple Saturday and Sunday that left the biggest imprint in my heart!

As a child my Grandparents garden was not just a backyard in the Bronx. That garden was a magical and mystical place that made me feel like I was Alice in Wonderland. It was an Enchanted Forest in my eyes and my Grandparents were the keepers. As a child, this place brought me joy, peace, made me feel safe and most of all filled my heart with love. I can still see both my Grandparents in the garden when I close my eyes! I see my Grandmother next to her pink rose bushes – feeling so proud of how big they grew, and I can see my Grandfather on the ladder picking peaches off the trees with his gloves on. I can see myself with my dog Brownie, sitting on the big white rock in the sun, under the grape vines....eating my delicious peach.

The Enchanted Forest Sound Bath was created to honor my Grandparents memory and the beautiful memory they blessed me with. My Grandmother was also into Shamanic practices for cleansing negative energies and I will continue her legacy. I am so happy to share this special sound bath with others, so they can feel the peace, safety, and love that I experienced in this place. I hope this experience will leave an imprint in your heart too.

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Hello 🌻 I’m excited to check this out and a few others I signed up for also! what do I need to bring❣️

Replying to

Hi Sherry 🤗 bring a pillow, blanket and anything you need to feel comfortable and cozy 🧚🏼‍♀️. It’s all about relaxation 💜

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