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Kelly Kelita

Gabby Petito - The Angel & The Narcissist

Gabby’s story is really hitting us because most of us women have experienced this type of toxic relationship at one point, and some are currently in one right now. Gabby's story is one of many! Narcissists are great actors! At the very beginning of the relationship, they come off charming, fun, & even caring. Once they have you, the game to fool & outsmart you begins. They begin to degrade you, try to destroy your self-confidence, belittle you, & gaslight you. Narcissists will continuously provoke you until you become what they call “emotional or dramatic”. They will remain calm after provoking you in front of people, they will look like the victim & make you look crazy. When you get to a point where you want to walk away, they will suddenly act loving & supportive to lure you back in. A toxic cycle…you want to see the good in the narcissist, you hope for a change or awakening, but things never change. You are still crying, confused, broken! Some finally get out, some stay & some never make it out alive. These people do not change! The darkness in them will suck all the light out of you! When you finally walk away, your light will shine as bright as the sun! Have faith in God & let him lead you to what is meant for you, don’t force something that only gives you pain. Love is not pain! Love without respect is not love. I too experienced a narcissistic relationship with someone who did all of the above. I’ve always been pretty strong, but somehow, I lost myself the deeper i got in. I finally found the power to walk away! Most importantly I cut all ties…. you cannot be friends! I had to learn how to love myself again & reflect on what I needed to learn from the experience. I spent time healing, praying, & working on myself. The day came where I fell completely in love with myself & that happiness within my soul radiated out! I became more grateful, happy & peaceful! Then I met a wonderful man who would become my husband! Walking away isn’t easy & it feels scary! It’s scarier to continue to stay in something that continuously hurts you or even lead to tragedy. Let your family & friends help you! Reach out to your community! There are still good people in the world that want to help! Look how so many strangers have come together for Gabby! Most of us didn’t know her, but we all wish we could have helped her. We are awakening and we need to help each other…. every woman…any race…any religion…any age! Reclaim your power ladies, don’t let anyone steal your soul's light!

's sunshine!'s sunshine!

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