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Kelly Kelita

Through the Valley: A Testament of Hope, Faith, and Healing

Updated: Mar 18

When the body speaks, one just needs to listen. Some of you know I've been going through a bit of a health hiccup the last few months. I've been working on healing from autoimmune diseases the holistic way for the last 4 years, and it's definitely been a long journey of trial and error. I have learned and have improved in so many ways when it comes to my health. Despite this, I had a setback and fell into a little slump where I just have to listen and love my body more. The past year, 2023, stacked stressful situations one after another, pushing me even more to place my trust and faith in God fully.

Just when I felt a sense of relief and thought I was getting back on track, a new weird symptom emerged. On November 20th, I began to hear a pulsing sound in my ear, but only when I yawned. This was accompanied by pain in my neck and spine that felt even worse than I was already struggling with. The experience was unnerving; I had never encountered anything like it. Seeking relief, I went to the doctor and underwent an X-ray of my neck because the pain made sleep impossible. The diagnosis was pinched nerves on both sides of my neck, grinding sounds, and stiffness so severe the sides of my neck felt like a cement wall. The X-ray revealed bone spurs from my C3 to C7, a narrowing, and a slipped disk at T1. My primary care provider (PCP) was puzzled by the ear symptom since it was intermittent and didn't think much of it. She recommended physical therapy and made a referral.

Returning home, I continued to suffer from intense headaches due to the neck stiffness, and the ear pulsing/twitching persisted whenever I yawned or belched. I found myself unable to sleep for more than 3-4 hours a night, leaving me feeling weaker and increasingly depressed, yearning just to feel better. Seeking some alleviation, I turned to massages, epsom salt baths, meditation, and acupuncture, which provided temporary relief, but sleeping remained difficult due to the discomfort and intense pain.

I had several appointments lined up but had to wait three months to see a neurosurgeon (spine doctor) and an ENT specialist. Then, one day in December, the ear thumping became a consistent issue in my right ear. It was so loud that I couldn't hear my own thoughts, and I struggled to eat or sleep. The loud noise in my ear was driving me insane! My husband was a tremendous support during this time, soothing me through intense panic attacks. The sound in my ear sometimes mimicked my heartbeat or turned into a loud, fast drumming. It sounded like I had someone playing the drums in my right ear all day.

Unable to secure an appointment with a specialist, I reached out to the most compassionate doctor I know, my thyroid doctor, Dr. Mark Lupo, who saw me immediately. He attentively listened as I explained my situation and conducted an ultrasound to check my veins and arteries in my neck and temples for any blockages. We discussed the possibility of pulsatile tinnitus and Eustachian tube dysfunction and how my TMJ and neck issues could be related to the ear symptoms. He observed that my trigeminal nerve was irritated, causing the numbness on the right side of my face. He advised trying a soft food diet to see if it was TMJ-related and cautioned against heavy lifting or, in my case, being mindful of my posture while playing my sound instruments.

The soft food diet indeed helped calm the nerve, and after a week, I started to regain feeling in my face. The fear of having a stroke was real—it's terrifying to experience symptoms you've never faced before. Falling into depression was challenging; despite my efforts to make healthy choices, it felt like a setback. However, I found strength in prayer, asking God for guidance and maintaining my faith, believing there was a lesson to be learned.

My husband's support was invaluable, praying with me and providing comfort as I processed my emotions. My friends and family offered their continuous support and prayers, and even acquaintances from my sound baths checked in on me. It was a low point, but such moments often bring clarity and appreciation for life's blessings. My sister's battle with cancer and her positive outlook have always inspired me. Her journey reminded me that life isn't about appearances but about the love in our hearts and the people who stand by us during the darkness.

Despite the challenges, I'm grateful for every day and the special people in my life. A visit to Universal Studios for my birthday, which I didn't think was possible due to my neck and ear issues, turned into a day of joy and gratitude. The thumping stopped, and I was able to enjoy the day fully with my family. I found myself having moments filled with gratitude just to be laughing and alive.

The journey to healing introduced me to Dr. Alex Smithers, recommended by my friend Amparo. Amparo, who administers my monthly IV treatments for the last year and a half, became more than a healthcare provider to me; she's a soul sister who genuinely cares about my well-being. It was through her recommendation that I sought out Dr. Smithers, a doctor of integrative medicine whose approach to treatment was both compassionate and effective. Contacting Dr. Smithers was a step filled with hope, and he quickly returned my call, setting an appointment to discuss my condition.

Little did I know that my years of prayers for healing would lead me to the doctor who would significantly change my life. God truly listens and helps. Meeting Dr. Smithers was a turning point. He was kind, soft-spoken, and humble, listening intently to my entire situation. He believed that the root of my issues might stem from instability and damage in my neck, suggesting I was a good candidate for prolozone and prolotherapy. These treatments were new to me, and he encouraged me to research them to make an informed decision. His kindness and patience in explaining the options available to me were incredibly reassuring.

Taking a leap of faith, I decided to proceed with the treatments he suggested. The day of the treatment, I was nervous, especially about the needles involved, given my fear of them. Despite this, there was an underlying sense of excitement and hope—a feeling that perhaps this could lead to a significant improvement in my condition. The treatments were uncomfortable, particularly the sensation when the ozone was introduced, but Dr. Smithers was patient and comforting throughout the process.

The results were more than I could have hoped for. Slowly, the intense pain began to subside, the ear thumping became less frequent, and for the first time in a long time, I could move my neck without experiencing the grinding sound that had become a constant in my life. Each subsequent treatment brought further improvement, reaffirming my decision to trust in this new path.

I have been doing treatments from January through March. It's been a week where I get my injections and then a few days of recovery. I’ve done 5 rounds in my neck and two rounds in my lower back. My neck needed more because of the 20 years of damage that needs to be repaired. The chronic pain that I’ve struggled with and the freeing feeling to finally not have this intense pain and, most of all, sleep well. What a blessing!

This entire journey, from the darkest moments of pain and uncertainty to the glimmers of hope and recovery, has been a profound lesson in trust, resilience, and the power of faith. It's shown me the incredible impact of having supportive people by your side—my husband, whose unwavering presence has been my rock since I met him; my sister, whose strength and positive spirit in the face of her own health challenges have inspired me; for my family that is there sitting with me when I’m lost, to my amazing soul friends, who have gone above and beyond in their care and support. I can’t forget my puppies Oreo & Twinkle that have licked the tears off my face and comforted me with their cuddles.

As I move forward, amazed by the progress I've made, I'm filled with hope for the future. My husband and I have been on a five-year journey to start a family, a journey marked by its own set of challenges and moments of despair. Yet, through it all, we've remained hopeful, leaning on each other and our faith for strength. We've found a carrier, and if it aligns with God's plan, our long-awaited dream baby will make his way into our lives. With the improvements in my health, I'm more confident than ever that I'll be able to provide the love, care, and strength our child will need. This next chapter in our lives, filled with anticipation and joy, feels even more precious now.

Life is this incredible gift. It's not about how much cash you've got in the bank, the stuff you own, or trying to look like everything in your world is flawless. Health, that's the real treasure! And having your loved ones close...That's the jackpot! My husband, our adorable pups, and my family... even if we ended up living in a cardboard box, I'd still be over the moon. Because I've got what truly matters right by my side!

To anyone navigating their health journey, remember, it's okay to seek help and lean on others. We're in this together, and through faith, support, and love, we can face anything.

For those interested, please check out Amparo at Sunshine IVs for her genuine care and Dr. Smithers for his integrative approach to medicine. Their kindness and expertise have been instrumental in my journey toward healing.

If you have any questions or need support, I'm here. Let's continue to uplift each other and share our stories of resilience and hope.

God bless & healing to all!

Kelly Kelita <3

Amparo Garcia - Sunshine IV's

Dr. Alex Smithers M.D., A.P. -

Prolozone therapy injections are a treatment aimed at reducing pain and promoting healing in the joints and soft tissues. This innovative approach combines the principles of homeopathy, nutrition, and ozone therapy. By injecting a mixture of oxygen and ozone gas, along with vitamins and homeopathic medications, directly into the affected areas, prolozone therapy helps to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the body's natural healing processes. It's particularly effective for chronic pain, joint disorders, and injuries, offering a non-surgical option to enhance recovery and improve overall joint function.

Prolotherapy, also known as proliferative therapy, is a nonsurgical treatment method aimed at stimulating healing for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. It involves the injection of a natural irritant solution, often a dextrose (sugar) solution, into the ligaments, tendons, or joint capsules. This process triggers a localized inflammation response, which encourages the growth of new, healthy tissue and helps to strengthen weakened areas. Prolotherapy is particularly used for treating joint pain and ligament injuries, offering a way to potentially restore function and reduce pain without the need for surgery.

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