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"Kelly Kelita is incredible. I've known her and been trusting her with my spiritual and emotional healing for over 6 years now. I've had several readings from other intuitives and healers and literally no one compares to the detail and accuracy Kelly brings to the table. She's helped me heal from my divorce, throughout relationships with her spot on readings on people I was dating and always balances my chakras and spiritual health both in person and equally as thorough over distance. After she moved from NY, she's given me, my family and so many of my friends completely spot on readings and energy healing. You don't have to look any further than Kelly if you're in need of some spiritual, emotional guidance and healing. She just KNOWS things and her genuine feeling and caring for her clients makes you feel like you've known her forever. I recommend her to everyone I meet. They are all equally as blown away by her gift. I would give her a million stars if I could!"
Jessica Sagerstrand ~ Carmel, NY
"The universe has a way of connecting you with people when you need them the most. I had my 1st Sound Therapy/Reiki/Energy Reading tonight with Kelly Kelita.  She’s a beautiful soul, welcoming and kind.  Her energy is infectious!  I’ve had Reiki sessions in the past but never before tried sound therapy, I’m hooked.  An experience that allows you to focus on mindfulness and healing and the sounds are absolutely beautiful.  Kelly is a mystical musician and healer.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of centering the soul and healing"
Lauren Thompson ~ Sarasota, FL
"If you need any guidance or spiritual peace you'll find it with Kelly Kelita. She is truly a gifted person with a beautiful soul. She was able to read my energies (which I was going through a difficult time in my life) and based on what she read I was able to put changes in place to get back to a better place. Also did the Sound with Reiki healing & nothing ever brought me more peace...."
Kristy F. ~ Bedford Hills, NY
"So enjoy Kelly Kelita's Sound Baths !! Kelly is so in tune with the subtle energies that you experience a profound healing effect !! Kelly is awesome & facilitates healing with the master touch !!!"
Christina Brandon ~ Sarasota, FL
"Kelly is absolutely amazing. Not only is she so good at what she does, but she is the kindest and sweetest soul I have ever met. Truly cannot recommend her highly enough!"
Janine Madonna ~ White Plains, NY
"I experienced a group sound bath last night hosted by Kelly. As soon as you walk in, you're in another world. You can feel how genuine Kelly is right away. The sound bath is so well done and relaxing going through many beautiful sounds. When it's over there is no sense of rush. Just a perfect experience. Don't miss this."
Heather M ~ Sarasota, FL
"An AMAZING experience by a very talented lady who is a Sound Healer (Kelly Kelita). The ambience at the studio is unsurpassed with mystical decorative lighting and lanterns and an array of instruments from around the world that she uses for "Sound Baths."  One feels transformed, almost "out of body" and totally rested (Better than massages!).  Sound Bath instruments include· Didgeridoo · Hand Pan · Shruti Box · wind gong ·  crystal singing bowls - chakra tuned set · Tibetan Singing bowls (30 different sized bowls) · Tibetan Bowl · Buffalo Drums · Alchemy Singing Bowl · Various Chimes · Monochord string instrument · Various percussion instruments. I urge you to try it! I had a women's group private event here and everyone loved it.."
Andrea Martone ~ Sarasota, FL
"Mystical Oasis is pure bliss! From the time you walk in, Kelly is an amazing host. She is wonderful at assisting you into the cocoon-like satin hammocks. She is able to put together the most amazing sound bath healing playing all the instruments in unison where it takes you to another realm. I didn't want to leave when it was over. I easily could've done another session. Kelly is such a loving and kind person who truly cares about people. I highly recommend this experience to everyone! Absolutely loved it. I can't wait until I can go again."
Alaine Calestina ~ Sarasota, FL
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