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Kelly Kelita

Strangers To Sisters

I went on a trip to Sedona with three strangers that I met in yoga school and then we became sisters!

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona where the energy is feminine, fun and gave us a natural high on life!

2015 I left a toxic relationship and an equally toxic job. I was making some good changes in my life, but it wasn't easy and you have moments where you don't see the changes as a good thing....even thought they are the best changes for you. I was already in Yoga school and at first it was hard being present in it because of all the chaos I was going through. 2016 rolled on in and now I didn't have very much going on, but I had my Yoga teacher training at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, NY. I started to become more present in class and started connecting with the wonderful ladies in my class. I started bonding a bit with three of those ladies the most Helen, Susie and Laura (Laura is now known as Muffin). We would go out after yoga school and we would all open up about what we were going through in our lives. Each of us had some kind of burden we were dealing with and found comfort confiding in each other....even though we were technically strangers.