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Kelly Kelita

Strangers To Sisters

I went on a trip to Sedona with three strangers that I met in yoga school and then we became sisters!

Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona where the energy is feminine, fun and gave us a natural high on life!

2015 I left a toxic relationship and an equally toxic job. I was making some good changes in my life, but it wasn't easy and you have moments where you don't see the changes as a good thing....even thought they are the best changes for you. I was already in Yoga school and at first it was hard being present in it because of all the chaos I was going through. 2016 rolled on in and now I didn't have very much going on, but I had my Yoga teacher training at Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, NY. I started to become more present in class and started connecting with the wonderful ladies in my class. I started bonding a bit with three of those ladies the most Helen, Susie and Laura (Laura is now known as Muffin). We would go out after yoga school and we would all open up about what we were going through in our lives. Each of us had some kind of burden we were dealing with and found comfort confiding in each other....even though we were technically strangers.

I had been to Sedona one time before and I really fell in love with it. I had an urge or almost this calling to go back, even if I go by myself (I'm weird like that lol). Susie was over my house for a sound session, after the session we started chatting and the idea of going to Sedona came up. Susie got wide eyed and said "I would be interested in going, let me talk to my husband". I thought to myself ok but probably won't happen lol

A few days later was Valentines Day and I met up with my two other single yoga friends for a Galentines Day funday. On this day, Helen and Laura were witnesses to my odd 4 hours of nursing my one chocolate martini drink lol. Even the waiter wanted to give me a new drink lol. Anyway....I mentioned Sedona to them too and they both seemed interested. Laura was a bit confusing to understand she said "OMG I would totally go, but I don't plan, I want to go, not sure if I will, I can go closer to the date your thinking, I'll be there, I can't commit". Ummmm ok lol Not sure what she means but ok lol

Well a few days later Susie calls me up and say "ok I talked to my husband we are good to go, lets get tickets". This girl meant business! I was pretty shocked to tell you the truth and then pretty excited, even though I didn't really know her but I was psyched. Then Helen booked her ticket and last minute Laura waited for tickets to go up in price to buy hers lol.

The plan - we fly from New York to Vegas and do a road trip to Sedona! Did I mention that Laura and I both really sick with colds. Laura and I sat next to each other for everything because the other two wanted to be far away from our germs. I did notice we all were pretty different from each other and yet we all seemed to blend together really well. Susie is a mom of three boys, she cooks most of her food from scratch, vegan, has an obsession with strawberries and loves to bring vitamin c powder in a zip lock bag with her everywhere she goes. Helen is a happy go lucky optimist, who loves to travel, she's cultured and a free spirit with a lot of love in her heart. Laura I learned was a non planner lol, she is not a judgmental person and she tries to see the good in everyone, she is like a ray of sunshine. Then there was me....I'm the silly one who loves to laugh, crack jokes, loves to eat, happy go lucky, and just have fun. All in all, we were all getting along great!

We were on the road for about 5 hours and somewhere in that time, we stopped at this little spot that made you feel like you just popped into one of Bob Rosses paintings. There is something so surreal about this view and the feeling I get there. We were there for a while taking pictures, being silly and doing some yoga poses with this beautiful landscape.

Finally after 5 hours of driving we were in Sedona! It was dark so you obviously couldn't see the beautiful red rock mountains that were surrounding us. We got into our hotel room at The Poco Diablo Resort where Susie and Helen quickly claimed their bed to share.....leaving the two walking germ girls together (me and Laura) . We spoke our own language of cough lol. This Laura girl also made some weird noises in her sleep as if she were a cat and it made me laugh for almost half the night WTF!!! LOL Well, we made it through day one and tomorrow was going to be an exciting new day.

Next day was not exciting for me because I felt sick and decided to stay at the hotel. The girls went out and were really excited when they woke up to the beautiful red mountain views. I stayed in the room ordered some room service and slept for a bit. Susie, Laura and Helen went out exploring and came back later on that day with Susie full of cactus needles in her back. They had a great time though up in the mountains where they met Daniel of Sedona. Daniel of Sedona roams the mountain tops sharing the healing sounds of the didgeridoo for free. They got to experience the sacred sound vibrations and the vortex energy at Cathedral Rock. I guess Susie got so comfortable she sat back on a cactus and it gave her a treat! See the picture below! Aside from that they had an awesome first day in Sedona and I was starting to feel better.

That evening we went to a cute little organic vegetarian place called the Chocola Tree. We did shots of wheat grass and had some decadent pieces of chocolate. Our waiter was very friendly and very interesting. He seemed to be a wild free spirit, he made us laugh and was even a little flirty.... suddenly he starts to say these cute little quotes that we still remember to this day.

His name was David and he said....

"Live wild, love honestly. die wise"

"Don't be serious, be sincere. have a piece of chocolate."

"thank you for sharing time and space with me"


The next day we went to an awesome spot for breakfast that Susie found called Local Juicery. They had amazing smoothies there and this is where I had a Pitaya bowl for the very first time. It was delicious! I never knew pitaya even existed until Local Juicery! I had waffles too and everything just tasted fresh, healthy and good. We were ready to go out and explore Sedona!

First stop Chapel of The Holy Cross! At night when we drove into Sedona we saw the beautiful cross lit up high, looking like a floating cross in the sky. I was super excited to go there and actually go into the chapel. This chapel is built into the mountain, the view from the chapel is simply breathtaking. When I walked into the chapel, I had so many emotions. I felt angelic energies, I felt close to God and felt so grateful to be there. I sat down and said a few prayers, not praying for things I want but praying for things I'm thankful for. Helen who comes from a family of architects was intrigued by the design of the chapel and its beauty. Susie seemed in deep reflection and Laura's eyes were wide with wonder. We all gathered some pennies together to add to the wishes around the chapel. We did a yoga sister group penny wish and one wish of our own separately.

Next we made our way to Cathedral Rock! Before we new what kind of vortex energy it was, I will tell you what we experienced. The energy there felt like you were drunk, very silly, laughing, and made us feel young at heart. We were acting like 16 year old girls up in the mountain, practicing yoga, laughing....without a care in the world! We were in the moment! We didn't talk about our problems, we didn't talk about work, we had transformed into young girls who just wanted to enjoy life with friends. We danced on that mountain, prayed on that mountain, watched the sun set and rejuvenated our cells with laughter. Susie almost fell into another cactus lol Thankfully she did not! We heard people on the mountain arriving as darkness fell and we wandered in curiosity...who are they...and Susie suddenly sees some kind of flame......she screams "They're fire jugglers!!!!" Say whattttt lol We watched creepily from a far and then we thought it would probably be good idea to call it a day since it was really dark out now!

The time we spent on that mountain made me realize how these strangers were actually my soul tribe and we were reunited! Below is my very favorite picture!!! Laura would do the opposite pose on accident than the rest of us lolol and I absolutely just loved it!

The Following day we made our way to Bell Rock. At Bell Rock we experienced a more focused energy that was deeply reflective and even more of a masculine energy around it. We walked the trails exploring the mountain, hugging the twisted juniper trees, and looking for the perfect spot to write the things we want to manifest. Walking on the trails we stopped to look at the amazing views and do a little yoga, connecting to the incredible earth energy. We had some moments of understood comfortable silence, sitting all together and maybe even absorbing the restorative vortex energy that Bell Rock emits. We found a perfect little nook in the was the perfect spot for us to write our wishes, burn our flying wish paper, energize our prayers with that vortex energy and send it all to the universe. It was a day of connection in so many ways! Connection to my soul sister tribe, connection to the universe...God, connection to the Earth, connection to this majestic mountain. I felt myself in such harmony with my entire being!

Our Journey in Sedona was coming to an end and we would be getting back on the road to drive back to the airport in Vegas. This trip changed me! I had been through so many changes that year and took me a lot of courage to actually make those changes. It's easy to stay in things that are toxic sometimes because we are comfortable......I had finally built up the courage to move away from things that weren't serving me. Change is scary, but looking back...making those changes in my life brought me to a happier and healthier life. I always kept hope in my heart through difficult times, I'm open minded and a bit of a healthy risk taker. I gained new best friends that were kind hearted, genuine and really supportive without judgement. We confided in each other and talked about life! This was a beautiful experience I was blessed to have....if I would have stayed in the toxic relationship or toxic job or with the toxic friends I had.....I would have never had this great experience. That great saying "everything happens for a reason" It is true....stay true to your heart and morals....have integrity and love yourself. When you love yourself, you know how you should be treated and you will be brave to leave any person, place or thing that disrupts your peace. I lost a few things but what I gained was far greater than what I had lost. I gained sisters and best friends that are still true to this day. I left with strangers and came back with sisters!

Love you Susie, Helen & Laura (Muffin)

"From the mountains to the sea From the valleys to the moon

I will be there...Standing beside you"


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