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with Kelly Kelita

The Miraculous Healing Power of Positive Energy

Sometimes external events, attitudes and perceptions can cause negative energy to take over our lives and cause problems, Kelita shows you how to harness good energy, so you can bring more balance and well-being to your life. She does this through sharing her healing techniques and online meditations. One of her techniques is Chakra balancing. Chakras are energy centers that receive, absorb and express life force energy in our spiritual bodies. Kelita’s chakra balancing therapies allow clients to:


  • Restore their balance and eliminate physical manifestations of an illness

  • Avoid the tendencies to repress their feelings and let fear, anxiety and anger control their lives

  • Experience a feeling of bliss that comes from knowing one’s purpose in the world


When experiencing this miraculous abundant positive energy, clients have the power to heal, transform their lives in amazing ways, and most importantly, reconnect with their true self. You too, can experience the benefits of Kelita's energy healing sessions and online meditations.

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