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Kelly Kelita

Miracles Everyday

Searching for a miracle or a sign from above?

We look for signs to see if source, God, angels or whatever it is you believe in exists. I have been guilty myself of needing to see some kind of sign or miracle to know there is something more to this life. Some force that exists, watching us, helping us, hearing us small people down here on earth. I need to see a miracle then I will believe.....I need to see another miracle and then I will believe....and it goes on and on!

My 20's weren't easy, I had a lot of highs and lows.....maybe more lows than highs. I would have days where I would lose hope and not know where I was going in my life or who I was meant to be. I spent a lot of days confused, alone and lost. For me I looked to God to help me because no one else was there. God was my hope, my support and my help. I was always looking for some kind of miracle to let me know that God was there with me. Looking for a sign or miracle of some sort.

One day I'm parking my car in the outdoor lot of my building, I get out of the car and start walking towards my building. It was a warm day in New York and the breeze felt so comforting as it touched my skin. I just stopped walking, closed my eyes and just stood there like a weirdo in the parking lot. The sun was golden because it was getting closer to sunset and I had this feeling come over me that felt almost like a loving caress. I opened my eyes and looked up the the sky and in that moment I realized that I was experiencing a miracle. The warmth of the golden sun, the air that I was breathing, the softness of the breeze against my skin....I was in awe. My heart felt full with love suddenly and my eyes filled up with tears....and yes I was still standing in the parking lot. lol

Since that day, I awakened more to the beauty of this life and had several moments of awareness to remind me of the miracles we as humans take for granted. We are deeply loved beyond just human love. The sun shows it's love by giving us light and warmth, the moon gives us changing energy, the Earth gives us a home, the wise trees gives us oxygen, the water cleanses and hydrates us and the list goes on. We are given everything we need to stay alive and that is pure love! That is a miracle!

The biggest miracle that you may forget is the miracle of you! You are a miracle and everyday there are miracles going on inside of you. Your heartbeat, your lungs, your eyes, your organs, your cells, your brain, your hands, your feet, your voice, your immune system, your life! Your body works lovingly with you to sustain your life, to do the things that are so automatic inside you. How blessed are you to have this human life experience! There is something so much bigger that has created a grand design of the universe, the Earth, how to sustain all life.

Everyday I think about the miracles of this life and the miracle of me. When I reflect on these miracles, my heart is full of love and full of gratitude. I am grateful to have this life experience, I am grateful for my body and how it works to keep me healthy! I don't take this life for granted, I don't waste my days with petty nonsense, I don't dwell on the past, I don't keep anger in my heart, I don't let anyone's judgment effect my peace, I don't stay around anything that makes my soul heavy........I don't because everyday I experience miracles and the beauty God has created here for us all to experience. When you can see the bigger picture of this life, you will tune into the vibration of peace. Once you experience the feeling of peace, you will become addicted to peace!

So if you are searching for a miracle, close your eyes, put your hands over your heart and feel your will experience a miracle everyday for the rest of your life!

Love. Peace. Harmony

Kelly Kelita


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