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Kelly Kelita

Miracles Everyday

Searching for a miracle or a sign from above?

We look for signs to see if source, God, angels or whatever it is you believe in exists. I have been guilty myself of needing to see some kind of sign or miracle to know there is something more to this life. Some force that exists, watching us, helping us, hearing us small people down here on earth. I need to see a miracle then I will believe.....I need to see another miracle and then I will believe....and it goes on and on!

My 20's weren't easy, I had a lot of highs and lows.....maybe more lows than highs. I would have days where I would lose hope and not know where I was going in my life or who I was meant to be. I spent a lot of days confused, alone and lost. For me I looked to God to help me because no one else was there. God was my hope, my support and my help. I was always looking for some kind of miracle to let me know that God was there with me. Looking for a sign or miracle of some sort.